Membership Benefits

  • Access to an interdisciplinary platform
  • Strengthening the knowledge and contacts
  • Getting exposure to all parts of the commodity value chain (production, physical trading, trade finance, asset management, academics, associations and NGOs)

Additional Membership Benefits

  • Discounts on Commodity Club event admission tickets
  • Discounts on products and services of partner organizations 

Terms of the Membership

Any individual person or organization engaged in any part of the commodity value chain can apply for a membership. The membership application is assessed by the Commodity Club Admission Committee (decided by unanimous decision) and  applicants will get feedback on the decision within two months.

The membership fee depends on whether a individual person applies for the membership or an organization:

Individual persons: CHF 150 p.a.

Corporate membership on request, please contact

If you are interested in the membership, please find below the membership application form and the Commodity Club bylaws:

Commodity Club Bylaws.pdf Commodity Club Bylaws.pdf
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Type : pdf