Competence Center for Commodity Experts

The Commodity Club Switzerland is a registered association according to Swiss law. The Club provides a platform for business professionals and leaders being actively involved in the commodity business in Switzerland.


Upcoming Events

First Tuesday of every even mont (except public holidays)

Welcome to the Afterwork Commodity Meetup in Zurich
The Lion Pub, Zürich

Welcome to Afterwork Commodity Meetup.pdf Welcome to Afterwork Commodity Meetup.pdf
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Aug 11th

Basel Port Tour 
Partner event with Zurich Shipping Network Rhytaxi Pier, Basel

Zurich Shipping Network - Basel Port Tour.pdf Zurich Shipping Network - Basel Port Tour.pdf
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Past events

May 19th-21st

Breadbasket of the World: Ukraine’s massive Agriculture Industry - Trip to Kiev
Kiev, Ukraine

May 4th

Gold: Are we heading into a new precious metals era? 
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich

04.05.17 - Dinner Event - Gold.pdf 04.05.17 - Dinner Event - Gold.pdf
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Jan 19th

What does embeddedness mean in the context of corporate sustainability?
University of Zurich, Zurich

Latest Publications

Sep 2016

Ein alternativer Rohstoffindex
Schweizer Personalvorsorge

Schweizer Personalvorsorge 2016.pdf Schweizer Personalvorsorge 2016.pdf
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Jul 2016

Viele Kunden fragen, wie es weitergeht
NZZ am Sonntag

NZZaS 2016 Alex Tobler.pdf NZZaS 2016 Alex Tobler.pdf
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May 2016

Rohstoffe: Rohrkrepierer oder Renaissance?

Weltwoche 2016.pdf Weltwoche 2016.pdf
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Feb 18th

Media review on the JUSO initiative

Medienspiegel 2016.pdf Medienspiegel 2016.pdf
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Feb 17th

Spekulation ist für die Nahrungsmittelpreise irrelevant
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

NZZ 2016.pdf NZZ 2016.pdf
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