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Welcome to the Afterwork Commodity Meetup in Zurich
The Lion Pub, Zurich, first Tuesday of every even month

Past events

Educational Dinner Event - Precious metals: More than just a diversifier in times of geopolitical recession
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 12.06.2018

12 June 2018 - Gold Dinner Event.pdf 12 June 2018 - Gold Dinner Event.pdf
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Investing along the commodity value chain: Tapping into new sources of returns
Zunfthaus, Saffran, Zurich, 06.12.2017

Dinner Event Commodity Investing Dec17.pdf Dinner Event Commodity Investing Dec17.pdf
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How to profit from active commodity trading (link)


Bosphorus - A virtual tour
Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich, 14.09.2017

Zurich Shipping Network - Bosphorus.pdf Zurich Shipping Network - Bosphorus.pdf
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CME Group Summer Reception
Restaurant Schiff, Zug, 14.09.2017

CME Group Reception.pdf CME Group Reception.pdf
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Basel Port Tour
Partner event with Zurich Shipping Network
Rhytaxi Pier, Basel, 11.08.2017

Zurich Shipping Network - Basel Port Tour.pdf Zurich Shipping Network - Basel Port Tour.pdf
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Gold: Are we heading into a new precious metals era?
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 04.05.2017

04.05.17 - Dinner Event - Gold.pdf 04.05.17 - Dinner Event - Gold.pdf
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What does embeddedness mean in the context of corporate sustainability?
University of Zurich, Zurich, 19.01.17

Exclusive Gold & WTI Crude Oil Futures Trading Seminar
Park Hyatt Hotel, Zurich, 01.12.2016

Dinner event: Gold investments - The start of the next upcycle?
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 15.06.2016

Dinner Event- Gold investments.pdf Dinner Event- Gold investments.pdf
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Commodity Club & focusTerra
focusTerra ETH, Zurich, 23.02.2016

160223 Commodity Club & FocusTerra.pdf 160223 Commodity Club & FocusTerra.pdf
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Juso - Spekulationsinitiative
Volkshaus Zurich (Blauer Saal), 10.02.2016

Programme.pdf Programme.pdf
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Responsible agricultural investment standards: their relevance for Swiss-based companies
Four Points Sheraton, Zurich, 07.09.2015
Speakers: Adrian Aebi and Bernd Schanzenbächer

Educational Event 070915.pdf Educational Event 070915.pdf
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Conventional Oil vs U.S. Shale: Where do we go from now?
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 25.02.2015
Speakers: Helima Croft and Peter Burri


Agricultural commodity trading & investing: A strategic and tactical perspective on supply, demand and prices
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 05.11.2014
Speakers: Christian Jörg and Nitesh Shah

Dinner Event Agriculturals 2014.pdf Dinner Event Agriculturals 2014.pdf
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Shale Gas Fracking - Bubble, Scare or Solution?, panel discussion 
University of Zurich, Zurich, 01.04.2014
Speakers: Peter Burri, Aline Trede, Stefan Wiemer, Markus Hänchen and Michel Della Vigna

2014-04-11-Event Report Fracking.pdf 2014-04-11-Event Report Fracking.pdf
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Shale Gas Fracking 01 04 2014.pdf Shale Gas Fracking 01 04 2014.pdf
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Industrial and precious metals - long-term forecasts and current issues
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 25.02.2014
Speakers: Edel Tully and Rainer Bunge

Dinner Event Metals 25 2 2014.pdf Dinner Event Metals 25 2 2014.pdf
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Resource scarcity and  resource efficiency,
book launch "Plundering the Planet", panel-disscusion

SwissRe Clubhouse, Mythenquai 50/60, Zurich, 28.11.2013
Speakers: Ian Johnson, Bastien Girod, Reto Ringger, Peter Sigg andVivianne Visschers

"Agricultural Commodity Investing - A Controversy", panel discussion
Hotel Krone Zurich, 28.08.2013
Speakers: Ian Johnson, Thomas Braunschweig, Stéphane Graber and Heinz Zimmermann

Paneldiscussion Agriculturals Aug13.pdf Paneldiscussion Agriculturals Aug13.pdf
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GB CoR CC Commodity Panel Discussion Report.pdf GB CoR CC Commodity Panel Discussion Report.pdf
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Investing in Gold: Strategies for the Future
InCube Capital, Swiss & Global Asset Management
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 13.06.2014
Speakers: Lorenz Arnet and Peter Sigg

Commodity Club Introduction and Markets.pdf Commodity Club Introduction and Markets.pdf
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Incube Capital Commodity Club.pdf Incube Capital Commodity Club.pdf
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Commodity Market Regulation
CME Group
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 21.03.2014
Speakers: Jonathan Jachym and Peter Sigg

Dinner Event Commodity Club 21.03.213.pdf Dinner Event Commodity Club 21.03.213.pdf
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CME_Group_Regulation_CommodityClub.pdf CME_Group_Regulation_CommodityClub.pdf
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Strategies in physical commodity trading
Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich, 21.11.2012